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Essay writing is part of ALS A&E (Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency) Test wherein most of the test takers fail.

The main purpose of ALSEssay.com is to provide quality Filipino (tagalog) essay titles and examples to the ALS learners for them to have wider ideas and be more prepared in the examination day...and prevent failing. This website also provides creative and more simplified essay writing tutorials as an alternative to the traditional lessons from ALS centers.

ALSEssay.com will share reviewers & tips and will republish the announcements from DepEd's website (with proper credit & reference) about ALS Program like dates of examination, ALS results, and any news/updates about ALS.

A&E Program (Accreditation and Equivalency) is one of the programs of Alternative Learning Sytem. It is a continuing education for dropouts of formal Elementary and Secondary Levels.

"The Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Program is a program aimed at providing an alternative pathway of learning for out-of-school children, youth and adults who are basically literate but who have not completed the 10 years of basic education mandated by the Philippine Constitution. Through this program, school dropouts are able to complete elementary and high school education outside the formal school system." — deped.gov.ph

Successful passers of ALS A&E Test (secondary level) will be awarded the eligibility to enter college — certified with a document from Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) of the Department of Education (DepEd) that he/she qualifies to have comparable competencies to those graduates of formal school system.



Please be informed that this website is NOT owned, managed, administered, or whatsoever by any personnel from DepEd or BALS.

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May 2012 when this free online essay writing tutorials started using the Facebook page DepEdALS but because many are thinking that it is the official account of Deped and BALS, the people behind this advocacy has decided to build this site - ALSEssay.com - to avoid such confusion and to pursue the advocacy.

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Most of the essays that are published in this website are original compositions. Authors (are properly credited) gave their consent to ALSEssay.com to publish their works.

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The essay writing tutorials are not based from any modules or curriculum from DepEd or any other institutions. They are the teaching approaches used by the people behind ALSEssay.com from years of online assistance to ALS learners. Such proven effective teaching methods are compiled and enhanced more (simplified/non-technical, creative, and strategic) to target specifically the profile of ALS learners.

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