Essay Tutorial: How to Make an Essay in 30 minutes, or less

It is an extreme fear of many of the ALS learners that they will not be able to finish their compositions within the alloted time for the essay writing part of the ALS A&E Test, which is 30 minutes. To some, particularly beginners who are lack of practice and do not have their guide yet in making their essays, 30 minutes plus its added time-pressure is understandably not enough. built a simple (easy-to-follow) yet effective tutorial in essay writing which aims to give guide and techniques to ALS learners on how to successfully produce a sensible essay in not more than 30 minutes.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is not based or referenced from any published books on bookstores or online. It also doesn't claim to be effective to all the ALS learners but only to serve as an additional option/strategic aid in essay writing under a time-pressure.

A Step-by-step Guide in Writing an Essay

  1. Make your title. (2 minutes or less)
    Read the topic/title carefully. If it is in an instruction or in question form, answer it in title format. If you notice you're taking time in constructing your own title, make the exact question as the title.


    As instruction:

    • Sumulat ng sanaysay na may tatlong taludtod tungkol sa masamang epekto ng pagkalulong sa paglalaro ng digital games.

    In question form:

    • Ano ang masamang epekto ng pagkalulong sa paglalaro ng digital games?


    • Ang Masasamang Epekto ng Pagkalulong sa Paglalaro ng Digital Games
    • Ano ang Masamang Epekto ng Pagkalulong sa Paglalaro ng Digital Games?

    Recommended reading:

  2. Make a list of ideas. (5 minutes or less)
    Get a scratch paper and write down the keywords/short phrases that will quickly remind you about your ideas that are related to the topic.

    Using your own markings (whatever works for you), label your entries which among will be part of your essay's introduction, body and concluding/closing paragraphs.

    Considering the required time, limit the ideas of your essay's body to up to 3 or 4 only. Pick your best ones and cross-out those that you will NOT include. Also, label (with numbers) the order of your ideas.


    Using this essay title as specimen: "Ano ang Masamang Epekto ng Pagkalulong sa Paglalaro ng Digital Games?," here is an example of list of ideas:

    ALS Essay checklist of ideas

    Your list will serve as the outline or skeleton on how you will plan the structure and delivery of ideas on your essay. When properly done, it will save you from writing redundant ideas and/or to be mental blocked while writing your composition.

  3. Write your essay. (20 minutes or less)
    Because you already have a blueprint of your essay through your list of ideas, 20 minutes is believed to be more than enough to finish the construction of your essay.

    Important: Concentrate only on what is on your list. If happens that there are other better ideas that comes in while you are writing your essay, ignore them.


    Observe how are the entries from the list of ideas above were written in the essay.



    Closing/Concluding Paragraph:

    NOTES: Words with red underline means there are errors spotted and has to be corrected. They will be discussed in the Proofreading part of the tutorial.

    Video Demonstration:

    Watch this video tutorial on how to plan your essay with the use of a list of ideas. The narration is in Taglish language.

  4. Proofread your composition. (3 minutes/remaining time)
    Run a quick scan to your composition and be watchful for any errors in spelling, use of punctuations, capitalization, grammar, tenses, if there's incomplete sentence, and all other aspects. Apply the necessary corrections if you find any.
  5. Video Demonstration:

    Watch this video tutorial on how to systematically find and correct mistakes from your essay using the idea of proofreading. The narration is in Taglish language.

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